Welcome to ACoP12 12

Welcome to ACoP


Trainee Communication Challenge


The Trainee Communication Challenge is back by popular demand! This ACoP event aims to provide trainees with an opportunity to further develop their communication skills and disseminate their research.

 Participants will present their research in five minutes or less, emphasizing the need for concision and clarity. But wait, it’s a competition! Financial prizes will be awarded to individual winners, courtesy of the Journal of PK/PD and a “crowd favorite” team will also receive a prize!

Eligibility & Preparation

Eligibility: 12 trainees who submit abstracts to ACoP12 and agree to be considered for this event will be randomly selected to participate in the Communication Challenge.
Bootcamp: Participants are required to attend a bootcamp where they will deliver their preliminary presentation, receive feedback from an expert panel of communication professionals, and subsequently be assigned to one of four teams.
Coaches: Prior to the event, participants will receive coaching through team and individual training sessions to improve presentation skills and visual aesthetics.

Event at ACoP:

Judges: Editors of the Journal of PK/PD will serve as judges to identify individual winners while the audience will determine the winning team.
Audience: All conference participants are invited to join, listen, and vote on the presentations.
Awards: Four individual winners will receive $500 and members of the winning team will receive a special prize!